Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Monogrammed Embroidery Hoop

I’m not sure why I have so many embroidery hoops, but I’m determined to use them.  If you [unlikely] have a stash of embroidery hoops, or fancy a project that can add a little colour to a space, this is simple, quick and on-sew  solution.  It’s also part of my plan to use more of the materials I have to hand, rather than thinking up new projects which need things I don’t and then go out and buy….adding to my supplies.

If you don’t have any spare hoops or any that you would like to up-cycle however, embroidery hoops are easy to come by and are available in a whole range of sizes at a reasonable price.  I’ve got a few ideas for creating little embroidery hoop artworks to hang about, but todays project is a simple monogram over a pretty fat quarter of fabric I have had, looked at and never yet used for more than 5 years.  If you fancy an embroidery project, check out my 'Home Sweet Home' project here.

To start, either from the computer, free-hand, or using something you already have to draw round, create a template of your chosen initial.  Check it fits the hoop and cut around the outlines:
Reflect the template on to the back of your chosen monogram fabric.  I decided on a dark felt - with added detail of flock embossing.  I love it.  Pin in place and cut around your template.
I then decided to colour the outside hoop of the embroidery hoop with paint, as this would be the ‘frame’.  You could also decorate this by wrapping wool, fabric, cord or ribbon, or embellish the outside with studs, gems or beads:
Whilst the hoop dried, I selected my fabric and decided to use one of the many fabric fat quarters
 I have accumulated and decided to go bold on the pattern to contrast the plain coloured felt monogram:
Once the hoop had completely dried, I stretched my fabric in between the hoops and secured in 
place [if your fabric is creased, give it a quick iron as often the stretch will not be enough to pull 
any creases out]:
[Double check your cut monogram is of the size you expected]
Cut away the excess fabric, but leave at least a 2cm hem.  Glue the inside of the smaller hoop and then fold the hem down and over the glue to hold in place and neaten the frame:
Finally, apply a layer of glue to the back [I used Hi-Tac fabric glue] of your cut monogram and fix in place on the stretched fabric:
[Not worrying if your glue spreads itself a little too well - it will dry clear!]

…and you’re done.  You could add any decoration to the front of the monogram if you want a bit of interest – buttons, beads embellishments and of course, you could create all of this with a needle and thread, adding stitching detail and needlework patterns.  It’s a really simple concept that can have some many different designs applied.
Perfect as a gift, create several to spell out a Name or word or use the same techniques using
a shape, silhouette or, whatever you like really.  Have a go this weekend, it's the perfect 'no more
than 1 hour' project.
see you next time x

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