Saturday, 11 January 2014

Plate and Candlestick Display Stands

I don't know about you, but over the Holidays, the sheer volume of food we had to put on the table could not physically, logistically or mathematically fit in any way, shape or form.

When you want to use the platters, serving dishes and Christmas-ness, it's really hard to find a place for everything, especially if you have a few more people at the table than you usually have.  The easiest solution to this, for us, was to layer up the table.  Candle-sticks and tumblers were used to create make-shift food/cake plates and some of them looked pretty nice, so I've decided to make them a little more permanent and use them for a few other things where I could do with some space saving too.

All of the components were from good-old IKEA.  The candle-sticks were around £4 each,
 the victorian-style grey plate £3 and the larger, pale grey plate £2.
The candle bases fit perfectly in to the bottom ridges of the plates:
so you don't need to worry about their stability........and are perfect as cake cookie plates:
...or as accessory stands:
I haven't fixed the plates to the candle sticks with glue as I think I'll probably keep switching
the plates around and buy some more candlesticks - slightly taller for the bathroom and maybe paint some some in more bold colours.....  
If you are after a space saving solution, whether for food, jewellery or general bits-and-bobs,
these are pretty good weapons of choice to have and swap around.
I hope you have a great weekend - 
see you next time x
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