Thursday 16 January 2014

Changeable Phone Case

Although I did everything I could to save it, over the Holidays, my iPhone case snapped,
broke and fell off [as in, I dropped it so many times it just couldn't take it anymore].
I'd already bought a clear case to replace it and had planned to create my own eventually, so today I show you the results and how easily you could create your own with a little help from things you probably already have in your home.

What I Used:
Clear iPhone Case [£1.00 from eBay]
Nail Varnish
Pretty Paper/Wrapping Paper/Tissue Paper/Card
Scissors / Q-Tips / Tweezers
I liked the idea of having a case I can change the background/main pattern of whenever I feel like it, so I went for a cheap and cheerful clear case from eBay.

The only constant I wanted for my case was the phrase.  I printed this out in a font and size I liked and then attached this with tape to the inside of the case, facing out, so that I could trace it:
...for which I used my favourite nail polish [previously seen up-cycling my decorations]:
...using light, small strokes to follow the outlines and applying two coats [or as many coats as needed] to make the phrase bold and lines neat[ish]:

Leave to dry and then once the template is removed, the case looks something like this.

Scary. But not finished, so don't panic at the presentation - it's easily fixed:
...with nail polish remover and/or tweezers.  The Nail polish remover with a q-tip will remove any spills, mistakes are large areas that need tidying up easily - and use the sides of your tweezer ends to re-shape and neaten the outlines:

When you are happy with the phrase, you can begin creating the backing papers.  
Since receiving a gift in it at Christmas, I've saved this Cath Kidston bag with a pretty stamp pattern, so this was what I used to make my current case background.  A template is made from the case, tracing the outlines directly on to the back of the patterned paper:
...once cut out, place it inside the case and make impressions where there is any overlap to trim:
The camera holes were cut using a paper hole punch:
Place inside and add your phone for the finished case:
Lovely.  But for me, something was missing and I couldn't resist a bit of sparkle:

Much better.
Multiple templates can be made from all kinds of paper, card stock, wrapping paper, wall papers - anything that is not too thick to add inside the case can be transformed:
 I'm looking forward to changing it whenever I find a pattern I like....
before Christmas at the end of the year....but I don't think we really need to be thinking of that just yet...[absolutely am].
And if I change my mind in a month about the whole thing,
it's nothing a bit of nail varnish remover wont fix!

see you next time x

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  1. Hi,I love your phone case ideas, they're really gorgeous but not too difficult to do. The only problem for me is I don't have a computer right now (I know, it's hard to believe isn't it!!!) So, I can't design a font. I do have a printer though so I can print off PDFs etc. So, I'm wondering if you could make a PDF of your 'bonjour' template - and maybe a few other words and phrases, like:'Hi there', 'Merry Xmas', whatever, so people could print them off. You could charge, say, $2.00 per print. I'd pay for them, and you could do them in different fonts. I liked the font you used for 'bonjour' but there are so many. What do you think of my idea? Could you message me on:+610418822185. Thanks:-)

  2. Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name, it's Amanda.

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