Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jewelled Collars

Hello!  I hope you are settling in to the New Year well?

I'm not quite ready to settle in to January without keeping some of the sparkle and dress-up from December.  I've had the biggest wardrobe clear out and I'm determined to up-cycle some of the tops I have but never wear, so today, I bring an idea to use a costume-jewelled necklace and simple t-shirt to create something a little more special.

What I Used:
Accessorize necklace - £7
Primark T-Shirt - £3.50
Needle / Thread / Scissors / Pliers

Sale shopping is the perfect time to find some decorative costume jewellery, perfect for this type of embellishment, however; embellished rings, hairbands and hair clips, brooches and buckles from belts can all have jewels and designs that can be removed and adapted for this type of design.  I picked this little lovely up from Accessorize in the sale and it was the perfect mix for my style:
A necklace with a strong chain makes this project even more simple, as there is something to easily attach to the top.  Taking your top, lay your necklace with the design centre and chain following the collar seam to the shoulder seams:
Where the necklace link meets the shoulder seam, mark the link and then remove the remaining
 links left on the chain with either jewellery or household pliers:
To fix the necklace in place, use a simple stitch, starting from inside the shoulder seam that meets
the collar and threading through the link, back into the t-shirt through the same seam point:

...continue this several times to really secure the necklace in place.  
Knot the thread to finish, cut and then repeat on the other side:
The necklace should now hang nicely alongside the collar seam:
 A really simple way to update, up-cycle or transform an item of clothing you might not be wearing, or wearing as much as you would like.  If you have some tops in need of a little love, give this a go:
see you next time x

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