Thursday 23 January 2014

Glitter Balloons

If there is anything I love, it’s a party - but more specifically – the getting ready for the party.  I love the decorations, food prep and searching for personalised/themed bits and bobs to complete it all.
In my opinion, you cannot have a party without balloons todays post is a way to pretty them up in a personalised design, no matter the party or occasion [you know I mean glitter, don’t you].
With a glue stick and some glitter, you can pretty much leave it all to your artistic licence:

It mainly started with these, for my sister's 22nd Birthday:
...but can be applied to anything - I gave this one as part of a house warming hamper:
But you can transfer any design into glitter you want:
..and the best thing is you can make your design be the right way up when you hang your balloons!
I also won’t lie – this can transform your carpet into a sparkling, glistening sea of glitter [which I loved for a short time], so either protect your floor/tabletop and when you brush of the excess once dry, try to do this outside where it won’t matter so much. 
[I found hitting the balloon a few times most effective – and therapeutic!]
But, if you don't have any glitter - how about hundred and thousands or other sprinkles?
see you next time x
P.S – don’t use a hot glue gun

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