Friday, 11 July 2014

Homemaker Magazine

Happy Friday!  
I'm so, so excited and a little bit overwhelmed as today, I got to go in to my local Sainsburys after work and buy a magazine that had been all kinds of awesome and use some of it's page space to include TTSM.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Homemaker Magazine:

Homemaker is a monthly magazine, with over 100-pages dedicated to all things creative.  It's right up my street and includes a whole range of craft, food, interior and styling articles.  On page 108, is the 'I Spy' feature, presenting finds from cyberspace and I am lucky enough to be the featured blog:
 It's quite something to see your own blog on the page of a magazine and even more surreal to read such a lovely review - I can't thank Homemaker enough for including me.  I'm completely honoured.
  My favourite article this month is the feature on ice-cream party accessories - perfect for pairing with Wednesdays Lolly DIY?    There's also a Designer Doggie Door-Stop / Pin Cushion Kit that comes with the magazine this month, so that's my weekend project sorted.
So, if you have found me after reading the magazine - a big hello and welcome to this little corner of the Internet - you are very welcome and I'd love you to also join me over on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  Have a great weekend and see you next time x


  1. Hi I saw the article about your blog in Homemaker and have been looking at your posts, I now have some great ideas for my daughters birthday bbq next week. we are making meringue pops and marshmallow pops. thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck with the BBQ next weekend - would love to see any photos of anything you try - enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much - I'm still smiling! - hope you're having a great weekend x


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