Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Make Felt Pom Poms

Today’s craft is one of my favourite kinds – a simple technique and few materials that allows you to create something with impact – felt flower pom poms.

These can be adapted to any size, using exactly the same method.
One sheet of A4 felt made me a pom pom approximately 6cm in size.  Either using a template, or something round to guide you [I used the lid of a stationery storage tin], cut at least 9 circles of felt.
You don’t need to worry too much about the lines being perfect, but try and have them as rounded as possible.

Once all your circles are cut, each needs to be folded and fixed in place at the fold, twice.
To fix my felt, I used my trusty glue gun [I’ll be posting a review on this next week] – it was the quickest and easiest way, but you could also use fabric glue, or sew the fold in place [staples will also work, but will alter the shape of your final pomp om slightly and be a little less flexible to work with].  Add a small dot of glue in the centre of the circle and fold in half until secure: add a dot of glue in the centre of the folded line:
and fold the semi circle in half, holding until secure:
This creates the main component of the pom pom - continue with the rest of the circles:
Now, to create the pom pom.  Start by fixing two of the folded circles together at the corner
points with glue - attach them so that the folds are lined in the opposite direction:
...add a third going the opposite way, with the fold going against the direction of the other two circles.
Fix this in place with more glue:
Continue this pattern, alternating the direction of the folds as you add each one to add movement and texture, building your pom pom by fixing each circle in place by its corner at the centre point.
Like traditional pom poms, the more felt circles you add, the more dense the final pom pom.
Once completed, leave to completely dry if needed and join the cult.  You'll feel the need to make loads, even if you have no immediate need for them - addictive.
Use them to decorate presents, string together as garlands, add to headbands or make a few
to decorate bowls/vases:
see you next time x
More traditional pom pom crazy here, here and here.

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