Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Lollipop Embellishments

I'm making the most of these glitter card scraps.

Today’s post is an excuse to use more glitter card……and that’s all really.  It’s a quick and easy craft, so perfect for kids to get involved with too – and it doesn’t cost much to create these cute, Summer lollipop embellishments.  Perfect for decorations, Summer-themed parties, scrapbooking and art & craft – here’s a really quick mid-week how-to.

What I Used:
Glitter Card
Lollipop Sticks
Craft Knife / Scissors / Cellotape

These embellishments made use of this pack of lollipop sticks I bought yonks ago and have never known what to do with since – they are so, so cheap and you can pick them up in any craft store or supermarket – alternatively, buy yourself a pack of ice-lollies and you have the perfect excuse to eat them all in one go - to use the sticks to make fake ones. 
Only one half of each stick will be needed for each embellishment, so using a craft knife to mark the centre either side and help create a clean break, I snapped each stick in half:
I created my own template on some scrap card – folding to draw half the lollipop shape and to create a symmetrical shape when cut.  I could then use this to trace on to the back of the glitter card and cut out my lollipop shapes [I could fit around 3 onto each piece of card]:
Finally, all that needed to be added was the lollipop stick to the bottom centre, which I fixed with a little tape:
...and that's about all I have to say about that - create as many different colours and shapes as you like:
...and for extra detail:
If you don't have glitter card [go get you some!], or don't like the constant sparkle it leaves on everything you own - use coloured cards and papers to decorate your own - I want to create some Fabs, Twisters and Rockets - if kids are involved in this, create blank templates for them to decorate and you can have at least 10 minutes of time for a cup of tea to yourself :)
see you next time x


  1. These are super cute. I find that a bit of hairspray on anything glittery keeps those loose glitter bits in place!


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