Monday 28 July 2014

Fimo Stationery Toppers

Fimo experiments Part 2 - let's give it another go on a smaller scale and fuel the stationery addiction in the process. Winning.

What I Used:
Stamp Set
Icing Nozzle
Roller / Board

There have been some fab magnetic DIY fimo-type word projects in blog land recently [one of my faves is this], so the project I had of a similar theme was slightly modified in favour of this - fimo letter stamps for stationery toppers.  Here's how I made them.
I started by rolling a small round of fimo in to around .5cm thickness:
I then used an old icing nozzle to create my rounds:
...before stamping each round with a letter - pressing fairly firmly and not minding at all about the
 stamp imprints [you may know from this project and this, I'm all about it really]:
If I could offer any tips, it would be that I'd top the board with a sheet of baking paper as this 
will make removing the fimo 100% easier.  Trying to remove the rolled fimo from the 
wooden board altered the 'roundness' and, for one, caused this:
You can easily just make another, but still - learn from my mistakes and make it all a little easier.

Add your fimo pieces to a baking tray and bake in a google average 150 degree oven for 15/20 minutes:
Whilst they're baking, get your stationery supplies ready.  I went for paperclips, pins and magnets, which I was going to fix in place with my trusty glue gun [you can read a love letter to my glue gun here]:
Once the fimo had baked and been left to cool, I could get gluing.
A little hot glue and everything could be attached to the backs of the fimo alphabet pieces quickly:
...ready to be used:
Please don't mind my headless friends, no prizes for photoshop on this blog, I'm afraid.
Easy to personalise, mix colours and styles - pretty up your stationery in an hour.
see you next time x



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