Sunday, 20 November 2016

DIY Accessories | Glitter Pyramid Ring Holders

Pretty, functional and glittery ring holders that make perfect gifts too.
Yes. Glitter.

Perspex Sheet / Gold Glitter / Scissors / Sandpaper / Plaster of Paris / Sellotape


I created my own moulds from a plastic sheet.  It's easy to make and allows you to fully customise your ring holders.

Use the template below to cut your moulds - you can use this to create a cone ring holder or, as I did, pyramids.  Cut your plastic sheet [O.H.P paper to you and me and anyone around and above the age of 30!] to provide a sturdy and water tight mould:

To create pyramids from the template, once cut and taped at the seam, simply fold the cone down the seam and opposite side and then do the same in the opposite direction [the video on my YouTube channel will help if my explanation doesn't!]
Don't worry too much about the opening of your mould being level - this will be resolved by itself once the plaster is poured in.

To hold the moulds in place, I used some spare foam from this Gift Box DIY as a stand.

Following the instructions, I made my plaster mix [more detail in this gemstone photo holder DIY and video] and then separated in to two cups.

I then added glitter to one of the cups [I know, shocking] as an experiment [FYI - I also tried a marble effect with paint - this doesn't work!] and to add a bit of sparkle to the finished holder:
I filled one mould with the glitter mix, one with the plain mix and then with the leftovers, created a hybrid, gradated effect, adding plain plaster to two thirds of the mould and then plaster with glitter mixed through to the final third:
Sitting in the floristry foam, the plaster levels and any splashes can be broken off and 'made good' later on.  Leave your plaster to dry fully [follow your instructions, but I left my plaster overnight] before removing the moulds:
...and sand your plaster down to smooth any edges.  I also sanded quite a bit over the plaster with glitter mixed to help the sparkle shine through:
Display your rings in sparkly style:

Ring holders make great gifts as well, so there's plenty of time to give this a go and wrap in time for Christmas [why not display in this stylish DIY?].

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