Wednesday, 16 November 2016

DIY Home Decor | Wire Star Grid




I bought a roll of grid wire, as this was much cheaper and the wire slightly thinner, making it easier to cut through.  It needed a little moulding to make the wire flat - I rolled it in the opposite direction and carefully bent a few sections to make the wire easier to work with.

You can make your wall grid any shape and size but for anything other than a square, grab some washi tape to help you mark out the outline of your shape - you can easily review the size and move lines around until you are completely happy with the look:
To ensure that the shape would stand or lean as well as be fixed to the wall, I made the points of the star square and flat.

When you are completely happy with the outline, take your cutters and begin carefully cutting through the wire in line with your washi tape guide.

To make your cut wire safe, bend the exposed wires over and flatten with pliers to remove the sharp edges:

Once your wire is all made safe, you can display your grid star and begin using it!
Mine is currently on top of my desk, but this was also completely created with Christmas in mind - perfect for wrapping lights through and clipping Christmas cards to.


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