Sunday, 27 November 2016

DIY Home Decor | Fragrance Diffuser

Creating your own home scents is easier than you may think and make great gifts.

Almond Oil / Fragrance / Containers / Reeds / Nail Varnish


For the container, you need something sturdy, flat bottomed and with a narrow opening.  It was not as easy as I hoped to find something like this as a single item.  A narrow opening will keep all your lovely fragrance contained and hold your reeds in place.
Nearly giving up, I used something cheap and to hand - spare travel containers.  I have a few diffusers that have beautiful large, square containers, but they take up a lot of room and I was on the look-out for something smaller and slim-line. 

The plastic container also meant I could decorate it with my favourite quick decoration method - nail polish brush strokes. I chose a gold colour and made light strokes of the nail polish around the base in various directions to add a little detail:
No brush washing needed and it dries in minutes!

The Base and Fragrance:

You can make your own scents with the choice of two bases.  Vodka [no, no, no - I'm drinking that] or Almond Oil.  The only difference this made to me was that the colour of the vodka base would be clear and the almond oil yellow - so something you may want to consider if you have chosen a clear container.
I chose something sweet and citrusy for my fragrance - sweet orange - and it will blend nicely with the candles I am starting to burn around this time of year.
You also have two options for the diffusing: Bamboo skewers - anyone who knows me [or reads this blog] knows I love a marshmallow pop, so I have hundreds of these around, or reeds, which are easily available online [or, like me, may have some spare from other diffusers].
The balance of oil and fragrance will depend entirely on how 'strong' you want the scent to be.  The balance I found to work was adding 2 parts oil and 1 part fragrance, which was a small amount considering the size of my container and gives me plenty of top-ups to come.
I also create a spray using exactly the same method and it has been perfect for bursts of fragrance in the kitchen and areas where I can't sit a diffuser, such as the hallway.
Create a combination of someones favourite scents and you have a great gift too!
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect glass bottle - let me know if you find one!  If you have a favourite perfume that has now run out and want to keep the bottle, it's also a great way to display this too.


  1. Can't believe how easy it is to make a diffuser! I love home fragrance and will definitely be making my own scent combination - probably something pine based ready for Christmas

    - Natalie

  2. How about an empty glass spice container?

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