Friday, 25 November 2016

DIY Black Friday Deals 2016

Get your make, bake and create on.
Here's a round up of some of the deals I've snapped up, or am using today as a bit of a nudge!

Tee-Pee | Black Friday Price £30 | Buy Here
I've bought one of these and am adding a few extra panels, garlands, mobiles and flags for my Nephew and Niece for Christmas.

Believe me when I say this IS NOT just for the kids - I am so tempted to keep if for myself. To sleep in. Seriously.

Foiling Machine | Black Friday Price £40 | Buy Here

I've snapped up one of these - expect 2017 to be full of foiling DIYs! Review and demo to come soon.

Advent House | Black Friday Price | Buy Here
This is gorgeous, but can be easily personalized with a few DIY embellishments - it lights up to and I can't wait to add mini wreaths, bunting, holly etc. to personalise it.

Storage Holder | Black Friday Price £14.99 | Buy Here
Hear me out on this one - it has become the best glue gun rest as I am continually convinced I will burn my carpet / house down one day due to the annoyingly short lead and lack of space to leave and cool down. 
Also handy for it's intended purpose.....

Tree Cutter | Black Friday Price £4.99 | Buy Here

No-one has any time to do anything at Christmas, so help yourself make multiple clay decorations or biscuits with this multi-cutter.

Reindeer Treat Boxes | Black Friday Price | Buy Here
Need something to put those tree biscuits in?  These are cute and I may have a video for some other ideas of what to put in these on Wednesday for you!

The ultimate Black Friday treat, should this be all the motivation you need.............
Cricut Explore Air | Black Friday Price £200 | Buy Here
21% saving

It's not cheap - but every saving helps and - look at it!
Anyone want to share some justification for buying this? Who am I kidding, I don't think I need any persuasion!

Happy shopping!

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