Sunday 13 November 2016

DIY Fashion | Jewelled Heels

DIY the ultimate styles-up party season heels.

Shoes | Glue | Gemstones [flat-backed] | Skewer / Tweezers



This DIY is so, so simple - the hardest part is committing to the design and sticking the gemstones on to the heel.  
I was fairly random in my design pattern and the size of my heel dictated much of where I placed the gems, but you can google an image or sketch out a design to help guide you.
I found adding the glue to the back of the gemstones with a skewer the easiest [and least messy] way to get them attached - but a pair of tweezers might also help you get them in place.

I started in the top centre:
...and worked my way out to the sides:
...then down the heel:
TIP: If you are unhappy with the placement of your gems, it takes around 10 minutes for the glue to set, so you can change your mind!  Also, don't worry if any glue spreads from the gemstones to the heel - this will dry clear or can be removed with the point of the skewer].
 Leave to fully dry before having the ultimate party heels to dress up any outfit waiting for you.

Gemstones are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can be as creative as you want! Let me know if you give this DIY a go this [or any] party season.


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  14. This Do-It-Yourself is thus, so basic - the hardest part is focusing on the plan and adhering the gemstones on to the heel.
    I was genuinely irregular in my plan design and the size of my heel directed quite a bit of where I put the diamonds, however you can research a picture or sketch out a plan to assist with directing you.


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