Sunday 6 November 2016

DIY Gift | Flower Gift Box

Create your own instagram-worthy gift in minutes with a stylish, chic and beautiful box that is a present in itself.

Gift Box / Ribbon / Foam Flowers / Glue Gun / Floristry Foam


Start with a gift box - whether plain that you can embellish or already in a beautiful design, paper or wrapping.  I had a plain square that I used a glue gun to add a simple monochrome ribbon to:

The box can be any shape or size, so this can be adapted to dress up a small gift or add more impact to a large gift.

Next, cut to size and add your floristry foam.  It can be easily trimmed with a knife [literally cuts like butter] and use your present to determine how much of the box it should take up and depth of your flowers to determine the height:
Add your flowers to the foam in any formation and ensure that they are snug to prevent any gaps showing through:
To present your gift, add shredded paper, tissue, crepe paper, decorative wrapping paper - or for a more luxurious finish, some material - to the  bottom of the box.  Pad it underneath with paper or stuffing if required to hold the gift in place with a pillow effect:
Add your gift [depending on the type of gift, you can add a little security that it will stay in place with glue, tape or blu-tac] and your present is ready.  You'll want to give every gift in this way.....
It can be easily personalised with different colours, added embellishments (glitter or sparkles to the flowers) and is a brilliant way to dress up gifts such as bubbly, smaller gifts such as candles, perfume and jewellery or presents such as vouchers or gift cards.
I'll be giving all my friends their gifts in boxes like these - a really easy and cheap way to add a little luxury and style to gift wrapping!


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