Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Paper Fans

I'm ready for Spring now.

As someone who loves snow, I can safely say that I have had enough of it now [including the sleet, drizzle, dark and gloom] - come on Spring - you are so close!  Spring = pastels and I have stocked up on pastel card and paper to bring a bit of Spring in my life.

Paper fans are so easy to make and can be embellished, decorated and cut in so many different styles that you can pretty much create any kind of effect you want.  The tutorial I have for you today is once that will create a fan that can be folded and unfolded, stored away and brought back out and should last [fingers crossed].  Of course, now my camera is back and working, the light is ter.ri.ble.  Apologies in advance.

The simple basis is to have a piece of card or paper and to fold it across the length alternative ways: 
...to create a fan.
[I found marking the card in equal measure and scoring with some scissors much easier than guessing and folding the card without a guide]
Along the bottom edge, punch a hole in each fold:
Continue to do this with as many pieces of paper/card you have available, or with as many as will create a fan of the fullness you want [the size of the fold you make will also dictate this].
Each of the fans I have made are created by attaching at least 4 lengths of folded paper/card together.  Lining up your four fans, glue the sides to secure and create a longer length of folded paper/card:
At this stage, if you want to add any embellishment, design or decorative trims, make them now as it may be harder once the fans are formed.  However; if you want to stick embellishments to the outsides of the fans, this will be easily done once formed.

Now thread through the bottom edge with either cotton or decorative thread/ribbon bottom of the paper/card, leaving plenty of thread either side:
Pull the thread in to a knot, pulling the folded paper/card together tightly until the sides meet and tie in place [your fan will already be taking shape] to secure [I tied at the back, with a bow so I could easily undo the fan at a later time]:
Now, to keep your sides together, you can use a paperclip or something decorative like a brad would disguise this...and you are complete.  To pretty it up, I added buttons to the centre to cover the join:
and I LOVE the ombre effect that the card creates:
On another, I used my fab Martha Stewart lace punch across the top of the fan to create a lovely lace effect:
and I also used a hole punch across the top and threaded ribbon, tied in a bow:
All simple to make with different effects:
Use decorative paper/card or make your own, printing out your favourite lyrics, shapes, patterns and colours - or even get children involved in decorating the paper as an alternative piece of art.

These look great hanging in corners that need a little brightening or across chair backs and smaller versions can be used to decorate presents or cards - I'll find any excuse to use these and once the nice weather hits [it will, wont it?], they'll be hanging in trees, along the trellis and from the gazebo.  You have been warned.

I didn't go too overboard with the decoration, as you will find out why in my next post.  See you then x

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