Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bag Tags

No-sew pretty for your bags? - come on down!

I have a serious bag habit - £35 on a pair of shoes?! No way!! £300 on a handbag....yes, that seems fine. No problem.  It's not a healthy habit for my bank account, so I've been bringing some bags a bit more up to date with some bag tags made from some faux leather from Dunelm. 

What I Used:
Navy faux leather [Dunelm £6.99 for 2 metres]
Hi Tac glue

I love a tassel - I've made simple ones as a keyring, and others as garlands [here and here], but I fancied another - you can never have too many - and the method is simple, simple.
I cut a section of pleather measuring 7cm x 10cm and marked a 1cm line on the inside from the top: 
With scissors and no real uniformity other than by sight, I cut strips across until they met the pencil line: 
 Cutting a thin [0.5cm] length [15cm] of the pleather for the loop, I folded the material
 in half and secured in place with tape at the ends and at the edge of the cut fabric:
 Hi-Tac - my friend.  I applied a little glue in dots across the top line:
 ...and rolled the fabric around the loop from one end to the other.  
To keep in place as it dried, I used a bulldog clip and left the glue for around an hour [however long it took to drink some coffee and lose myself in Twitter and Instagram for a while ;)]:
Once dry, remove the bulldog clip [the pleather will be dented at first, but 
will quickly regain its smooth surface] and you have an easy-peasy tassel: 
 I also made some even simpler tags, initials and a heart, both created free-hand and sandwiching
 a loop in between two pieces of pleather, securing with fabric glue and then trimming the edges
 to ensure they were neat and tidy:
 Loop them on to your bag handles, zips or buckles: 
 You're it.
Perfect for little gifts as well - I'm buying some smaller off-cuts from eBay to have a range of 
colours so I can make more.  The pleather is so easy to work with - easy to cut, mould and move around, no fraying and available in a whole range of finishes.  I highly recommend and I'm thinking of some bigger and better projects that I can use the rest of my 2 metres worth with.
see you Friday - I am very, very excited about Friday! x


  1. Cute DIY! I'm super excited about Friday this week too ;-)

  2. Lovely! Tassel and letter tags are so cute together!

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