Friday, 14 February 2014

My Tribute to Glitter

On this day, it only seemed right that I posted about my love, glitter
[well, it was either this or teacake Christmas Puddings!].

I'm sure if you are either a new reader to this blog, or have been here since late 2012, you will know of my obsession with and need to use at all times.  

It was also a brilliant opportunity to use these foam stamps I bought from Sainsburys for £2.00
To create some glittery art for your walls, the method could not be simpler.  All you need are some stamps, PVA glue and loose glitter.  And lots of paper to make sure you don’t get the glitter everywhere [unless, like me, you’re more than happy to have glitter everywhere]?
I started with a sheet of A3 watercolour paper and roughly placed the stamps in line to see how much space I had to play with, marking the start and end space and trying to align the words I wanted to print:
I faintly lined the paper a then taking some PVA glue and spreading a little on to a surface, 
I dipped each foam letter in to the glue and transferred the print on to my paper:
I completed one word and then covered the area in loose glitter, leaving to set for around a minute, before tapping off the excess on to some folded paper and transferring back into the glitter pot:
…whilst this dried, I completed my second word, printing the letters in glue and then covering in my second colour of glitter, leaving for around a minute and then tapping the excess:
I then left my glue and glitter to completely dry, which only took around 30 minutes.  After this time, any sparse areas or lines that were a little out of shape were easy to see and I filled these in using a paint brush to add the glue and then scoop a small amount of glitter at a time:
Once completed and dry, I used a large paint brush to gently brush any excess or stray flecks of glitter away from the paper, leaving my art ready to hang:
A really simple design but very effective in adding a little sparkle to your walls:
see you next time x

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