Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How to Make a Monogram Tote Bag

Hello Monday. You have quite an act to follow after Friday.  In case you missed it, I was over on the lovely Claireabellemakes blog, guest posting a little glittery foam word art - pop over if you fancy a little shine and sparkle for your walls too - its simple and easy.
Today, I am sharing an equally simple and easy project: monogram tote bags.

What I Used:
Tote Bag
Dylon Gold Fabric Paint [£1.99 The Range]
Monogram print out / Acetate sheet / Paintbrush

The tote I'm using for todays project is a cheap and cheerful bag I picked up from Dunelm, but I've had a search and you can find these for as little as £1 at craft store like HobbyCraft.
Total bargain and makes it the perfect personalised present/gift bag option too:

I created my monogram template from 'Academy Engraved' font, A4 size on to plain paper:
 ...and my weapon of choice, was Dylon gold fabric paint:
I placed an acetate sheet on top of the template and then placed both inside the bag, 
in the bottom left corner.  The acetate would protect any transfer of the paint:
 ....and then I traced the template with a simple paintbrush, freehand and not worrying
 too much about the straightness of the lines.  If you would prefer a crisp finish, you can use masking/washi/tape to paint against and then remove once the paint is dry:
 Leave to dry for at least an hour [or as long as the paint you are using instructs]:
...and then cover with a cloth and iron on a high heat to 'set' and 'fix' the paint.
You are now good to go: 
[might have benefited from ironing the entire bag before I took these photos......] 
 It's not perfect at the edges, but I'm really happy with the hour I spent creating this - it's currently helping me carry my work files with a little more style than my usual plastic bags:
 see you next time x

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  1. Ah we have matching bags! Mine looks so professional - thanks so much :-)


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