Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine Heart Straws

Let's have some Monday silliness.
Todays post is a bit of a cheat as it's a bit of a re-post from last year.  But those photos pain me (like most of my posts, really) and I have taken a few more with other uses of the tattoo hearts, which I thought I though might help me get away with it?

I've used the same template and print out as this post from last year.
Print and cut out:
...then use a craft knife to cut the tops and bottom of the tattoo banner
 - about 1-2 thirds in the centre wide:
...and they are ready to be threaded through all manner of Valentines 'stuff'.

These also make great additions to cake pop sticks.  Here are some other, completely reasonable, ideas of what else you could do with them.

  • Cut [without creating cuts in the tattoo banner] and thread a number to make a valentines garland
  • Secure the top of a bag of sweets [for your sweet] or thread a tube of Love Hearts through the tattoo banner.

Add to the top of a skewer to display with your flowers:
...thread through a ribbon or string on a present:
......attach to skewer/tooth pick for valentines toastie for breakfast in bed:
Utensil ends - who doesn't need utensil ends?! I'm making this a thing now. © me.
OK, I'm getting desperate, I'll leave you.
see you next time x

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  1. The toastie one is my fave! Probably because it involves food ha!


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