Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Decopatch Giraffe Book Ends

This project has been in the WIP box for months and my saviour was a glue gun.
Today, I'm blogging DIY book ends.

What I Used:
Decopatch Medium Giraffe
Cardboard Box
Brown Paper / Toilet Roll
Popcorn Kernels / Rice / Candle Stones
Glue Gun / Strong Glue
Spray Paint
Pencil / Scissors / Craft Knife

I bought my Decopatch Giraffe in the HobbyCraft Christmas sale with plans that he would be
a big brother to this guy.
But it was whilst I was trying to find some more unusual / interesting book ends that I changed
 my mind, realised he was perfect and immediately drew a straight line through his middle and
 took a bread knife to him:

   No going back.
The Decopatch figures are completely hollow, so something was needed to weigh him down to be sturdy and heavy.  Planter stones, candle stones, rice - or my weapon of choice, popcorn kernals are perfect - small enough to fill gaps such as the legs and heavy enough to add the needed weight:
Once full, I needed to create a seal for his body, either side, created by tracing the shape onto
a side of cardboard box and cutting with scissors:
I taped the seals in place to check that they sat flush, cutting any excess with a craft knife:
...before securing with a glue gun:

Placed with books between, his weight is enough to hold them in place, but these needed to be a
little more practical for me.  Remove one book and he will fall, so a base would prevent this - but I
still wanted to have the look of his body holding the books in place.
Rather than a square base, I decided a triangle would add a little more design and I love a geometric shape, so I was happy.  I used the remainder of my cardboard box to create each, having the base in line with his body and using him to guide the size of the triangle:

Once happy with their placement, I secured them in place with my glue gun:

To match the base and seals to the texture of the Decopatch figure, I used a torn toilet roll and
 pva glue to get my decoupage on:

 ...To cover the bases, I used my cutting knife to create a cut that would meet the ends of the feet
 and then cut a star shape that could bend around them:

...cut away the excess and then glue everything in place:
Leave to dry completely any then use a craft knife to cut away any excess glue:

.......have a last check of the alignment before.......
Spraying the whole thing with paint.
I used the same can used to cover this Decopatch Lion Moneybox and applied two full coats:
Leave to dry fully:
....I'm concerned for the recent turn my interiors have taken with gold everything....

Get that Giraffe to work:
...and then rethink your book collection.
You could adapt any of the Decopatch numbers, letters or animals to this project.
Buy two, cut a hole at the bottom or top and fill to weigh it down to become book ends that dont
need a stand or a glue gun.  But if they dont have the style or size you like, you could always have
 a go at making your own?
see you next time x
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