Friday, 6 June 2014

Paper Cut Postcards

It's Friday. Hurrah.

I'm determined to master the art of paper-cutting, so to help me in my quest, I'm adapting it to as many projects as I can! Today, I'm sharing a postcard-style paper-cutting idea, that also helps avoid the problems of tricky letters [I'm looking at you 'a', 'd', 'o', 'p', 'r', 'q' and 'b'].

I picked up this bunch of hard-to-photograph glittery goodness in HC - around £2 for 20 'scrap' sheets, all just under A5 in size.
[I hope that didn't hurt your eyes]

To create the simple phrases to cut in to the glitter card, I typed them quickly in a simple, stylised font and printed on to scrap paper - you don't need to worry too much about the quality of this part - as long as you can make out the outlines, that's the important bit:
...trace around the outlines of the letters in a soft, dark pencil.  I decided to create a font style that didn't require the inside 'o', 'r', 'a' and 'p' to be left - much easier to cut!
To transfer this design on to the card, turn it over and lay the phrase face down on to the back, in live with where you want the design to transfer.  With the same soft pencil, draw over the marked lines:
...these will transfer them on to the back of the card, reflected.

Next, you can begin cutting - I chose to do this free-hand, but you can use a ruler to help and guide the cuts.  For any curved lines, which are a little more tricky, lightly make your cuts in small sections, being careful not to cut the card all the way through [this means any mistakes can be easily fixed].  Then, one the sections are matched up, you can press a little harder to cut all the way through the card and create a smoother cut:
Remove the cut sections and voila.  A simple postcard, but with impact from the card design:
Have a great weekend and see you next time x


  1. Very sparkly, I love it! The glittery card was a mega bargain. Your cut outs are very clean and precise, I'm pretty wobbly with my craft knife #pintorials

  2. I got into paper cutting after I was given a fab X-ACTO knife (I was very specific in my wish list!) It's such a fun craft isn't it? I love what you have done, very modern and simple - chic and sparkly!


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