Monday 9 June 2014

Sequin Party Decoration

Hello! and welcome to a post that combines some of my favourite things: sequins, gold, party decorations and cake - I'm making sequin party toppers today.

What I Used:
Sequin trim
Beading wire
Hot Glue Gun

To start the toppers, thread the beading wire through the sequin trim.  I chose a fine beading wire, so that I could easily thread and easily change my mouldings if I needed to [most likely!]  The finer wire also doesn't require any tools to bend or shape it - but will still hold its shape:
...continue threading for the length required [I kept the trim threaded so that I could add/reduce the
trim as needed].  I found threading through every other sequin at the back worked best for me -
hiding the wire, but still allowing me to pull the trim taught at the end to straighten the sequins:
Gently mould the wire into shape.  I started with a simple heart shape to get used to working
with the wire - starting and finishing the shape at the centre top:
....where the start and end of the wire met, I trimmed the wire [which allowed me to unthread the trim not used and ensure it was not wasted] and began to wind the ends together:
Securing the ends, I trimmed both the wire and sequin trim and then fastened everything in place
 with the help of the glue gun - you can also use any strong, clear glue, but ensure you allow the
 glue to dry completely:
Finally, once dry, I turned the embellishment in to a topper by adding a skewer to the bottom,
again with the help of my glue gun:

Next, I decided to try a slightly more adventurous topper - a sequin wire word topper.  A much longer length of trim needed to be threaded and I decided to mould my topper free-hand, but print off a template in the size you like if it will help.  
Start the topper, leaving a few cm of wire at the start for securing later: keep the letters joined, some of the wire and trim needed to be overlapped, but so I didn't waste the trim, I decided to overlap enough wire to secure the letter and then trim:
......securing the cut off point with a wind and then glue gun fix, before starting the rest of the word:
Once the full word was completed, I secured the start and end with the glue gun again. folding 
the wire in place and ensuring the sequins were also secure and in line with the wire:

  Finally, I added skewers to each end with my glue gun to hold the topper in place:

Two slightly different toppers, but created using exactly the same materials and techniques.  I'm thinking of larger versions now for numbers.  Perfect to add to the top of cake or food:
 ...or to stand alone as decorations: 
 see you next time x


  1. it seems so chic. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. What a great idea! I am always tempted to buy sequin trim but can never think of a use for it. Will definitely give this a go, thanks.
    P.s/ your blog is lovely, you have SO many craft ideas!

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