Friday, 27 June 2014

Paper Cut Banners

A few weeks ago, I had a go at creating some paper cut postcards as alternatives to cards and I have an extension of that, but slightly more simplified as party decorations – paper cut banners.  If you have seen this post, or this, you may know that I am preparing for my Dad’s big 6-0 and have been making a few party accessories that I can take away with us to decorate where we are staying.  This DIY can be made as simple or detailed as you like, but I decided to use the same glitter card for the impact and simple shapes of the postcards for this project: 
The glitter card I used was pre-cut [in a pack described at ‘scrap’] in roughly A6 size.  These were the perfect size for a garland, so I marked the bottoms and cut them away to create banners:
For the cut-out designs, I used the same technique as the postcards, printing out a template, [or you can create your own] and drawing around the outlines in pencil.  Facing the template down on to the back of the glitter card, I then scribbled over the lines to transfer the image in reverse:
I used a craft knife to cut the image [if you are unsure of how accurately you may do this, don’t cut all the way through the card at first, this will create an impression in the card and allow you to go over, pressing harder once you have the line you want to cut the card]:
Once the shapes are removed, you are good to go.  I kept my designs simple, but you can create designs as detailed as you wish – that’s next on my list.  Finally, to hang my banner, I threaded a
needle with cotton and made a running stitch through the top of each flag:
...ready to hang:
Have a fantastic weekend - I'm off on holiday next week, so will see you on the other side x
see you next time x

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