Wednesday 18 June 2014

How to Make a Woven Findings Bracelet

Today, we're creating a simple statement bracelet with findings and woven thread.

What I Used:
Bracelet Clasps
Bracelet Clamps
Suede Cord
Jewellery Pliers

To create a simple findings bracelet, connect a length of findings that will fit around your wrist:
I then added my bracelet clasps to connect and create the full bracelet, however; as I later learn, the bracelet may be shortened when the thread / fabric is woven through the findings, so do not add the bracelet clasps at this stage as more findings may need to be added:
The thread / fabric that you weave through the findings can be several thin cords, threads or beaded threads or something large, such as a length of fabric or a friendship bracelet.  I chose some muted suede cord - if you can, keep your thread uncut, so that none is wasted, but if you are buying
especially for a DIY like this, buy at least 2 rounds of your wrist:
Weaving the thread through the findings.......
I continued until the length of the bracelet was complete, keeping the findings straightened,
rather than bunched:
 - Testing the length of the bracelet, I realised that extra findings needed to be added, so used the jewellery pliers to lengthen the bracelet and remove the bracelet clasps:
To finish the bracelet, I added clamps to neaten the finish and secure the cord:
Add the clamp in line with the furthest the last finding will reach - the finding and claps
of the clamp should align.  Clamp the cord securely:
Trim the cord and remove any excess with scissors and a craft knife to neaten the finish.
Add the bracelet clasp to connect through the finding and clamp:
Repeat this on the opposite side and the simple bracelet is complete:
Create different effects by changing the colours used, textures and sizes of findings
 - these look great stacked:
see you next time x


  1. So simple but that's the beauty of it:)

  2. Its very beautiful and pretty cool bracelet that was you made and its also enhance the beauty of hand. Thanks for telling us such a great idea.

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