Friday, 13 March 2015

How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Looking for a way to wrap p your presents or to create a card embellishment - today's crepe paper flower DIY is easy and can be whipped up for any last minute preparations.

What I Used:
Crepe Paper
Round Template

These embellishments can be adapted to any size you need, so grab something [a cookie cutter, 
plate, coaster etc.] round that you can use as your template.  I folded my crepe paper so that there
 were 9 layers of paper, however; the more layers you have, the fuller you flower will be.  
Using your template, cut your round:
To create the simple flower shape, cut three triangles into the round, leaving around a 1cm centre
 and not worrying too much about being neat, or creating triangles at equal points:
I removed 4 layers from the round and put these to one side.  
To the remaining 8 layers, I trimmed the circle by around 1 cm:
Then, removing a further 4 layers and putting these to one side, I trimmed the final 4 layers
 by another 1cm.  This is a simple and easy way to create three different sizes:
Next, to give the petals shape and texture, use a round pen or handle to mould your paper in to shape [the heat from your hands will help, but be careful not to rip your paper]:
Once you have shaped all your petals, begin layering them:
For the last few petals, I used a smaller handle to define the petal curves further:
To fix all the layers together quickly and easily, I used a coloured brad, piercing it through the centre:
Your embellishment is now ready to use for gift wrapping, cards, tags or any other paper craft.
Simple and easy, try different colours, sizes or number of layers:

 Have a great weekend!

see you next time x

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