Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How to Make Pillow Gift Boxes

Pillow boxes are a really useful packaging option to have in your wrapping arsenal and can save you from many an awkward gift to wrap or to use for smaller gifts.  They are also really simple and easy to make, so can be used to co-ordinate with favourite colours, patterns or decorated with embellishments.  They make great favour boxes too - here's how you can make them.

What I Used:
Scissors / Pencil / Double sided tape

[right click and save to your computer to print]

Print and cut the template to create these pillow boxes, however; the technique to create pillow
 boxes remains the same, whatever the size you want to create:
 Trace the template on to the inside of your chosen card and cut around the outside.  To trace the curve easily, remove the top sections and then you can follow the guideline on to your card:
 To make the box, score and fold down the centre line and the side flap:
 ...then score the curves and carefully bend them to a 90 degree angle - start from one side in
 small sections to the other to prevent folds in the card:
 If you're feeling helpful, create a small cut in one of the curves - this will make the box a little
easier to open:
 Now to put the box together - for this DIY, I used double sided glue, rather than tape to stick the side together - but any strong adhesive, whether tape, glue or decorative staples will work - but I find the tape strong and an instant adhesive - perfect for this quick DIY.  Run the tape across the side flap:
....and fix to the other side:
At one end, carefully fold one curve to 90 degrees and then fold the other over the top:
..and repeat at the other end:
Your pillow gift box is complete.  Quick, simple and a fab way to dress up gifts, sweets, jewellery or anything small or awkward that you may usually find a bit of a pain to wrap.
Once you have this packaging technique in your arsenal, the patterns, embellishments and designs
 are your oyster.  Personalise these boxes to the size of your preference by making the curves deeper, make them wider and create square pillow boxes - an Easter version will be posted in a week or so!
see you next time x

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