Monday, 2 March 2015

How to Make a Large Pom Pom Heart

This DIY shares an easy technique to make large pom poms and how you can easily shape them to create hearts - once you've got the hang of it, the pom pom world is your oyster.
I've also made the mistake of making a white pom pom heart on a white table top - I will never learn.

See how you can make these using a MultiPom on the TTSM YouTube Channel:

What I Used:
1 ball of wool [£1 from Poundland]
Coat Hanger / Scissors / Template

This technique uses a coat hanger to help achieve a large pom pom and a ball of wool to help achieve the fullness required for this DIY to work - anything less, you will have a sad, thin looking pom pom that will be hard to recover once we get to the shaping.
The bigger the ball of wool - in this case - the better.

Start by tying one end of your ball of wool to the coat hanger and then begin wrapping the ball around the top winding around the bottom and continuing this for as long as your attention span can stand.  Time passes quicker than you may think and just remind yourself that the fuller the pom pom, the better the overall effect so wind on.  Once you reach the end, spare around 30cm and cut this off:
With a small length of the left over wool, tie the middle together - at around 1/3 from the top -
as tightly as you can:
Now start cutting the wool away at both the top and bottom of the hanger [you can make this easier by cutting in layers from the outside in, rather than trying to cut the wool in one go]:
To shape the pom pom, make a quick template.
With the pom pom flat, mark the length and width of the pom pom on a piece of paper:
Fold the paper in half and draw the side of a heart and then cut to create your template:
Lay the template on top of the pom pom and then begin to cut around the outside:
This will probably feel like your [other than making a bit of a mess] ruining a good 10 minutes worth of winding wool around a coat hanger, but take your time and cut in small sections and eventually, you should have something resembling a heart at the end of it:
The next stage is to add your tie before fluffing the pom pom and shaping it some more.  With the remainder of the wool, tie this around the pom pom tie securely:
The tie will also help you with the final stage - fluffing the heart and tidying up the shape.
Holding the tie, give the pom pom a good shake.  This will make everything go a little off shape,
but you can easily move the wool around to regain it.  What this will have done is fluff all the wools
 out that was previously laying flat.
With your scissors, trim the wool that is now outside of the heart shape and tidy up the longer
lengths - get your hands involved to place the wool if needs be and your heart pom pom is
complete and ready to hang:
Try the shaping on pom poms big and small and you can create yourself a present tag,
decoration, and shape a few and you'll have a garland too.
see you next time x

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