Monday, 23 March 2015

How to Make a Easter Bunny Bag

If you have any Easter egg hunts planned, or just fancy making something to wrap your 
mini eggs in - here is a sew/no-sew bunny bag you might like to try.

What I Used:
Fabric Glue
Tapestry thread / Needle / Scissors
Paper / Pencil
To start, I created a bunny head template.  Fold a piece of paper in half and with a pencil and from the fold, mark half the width you require of your bag.  Next, mark your height, measuring from the bottom -  this area will form your bunny face, so round the bottom edges and curve them in slightly at the bottom.  From the top upwards, you can create an ear, that joins with at least a 2cm line to the fold of the paper.  Cut around your template and once unfolded, you should have a made to measure template.

With the felt of your colour choice, fold this in half so that you can create two heads the same size.  To make the construction a little easier, I pinned my template in place so that one side lined with the fold, creating one large piece of felt when cut and opened:
To one side of your felt bunny head, add your bunny features.  This can be sew, or no sew - using whichever craft supplies you have or like best.  You can decorate a full bunny face, or opt to create a mini bunny body, as I did - adding eyes and a nose to the left of the felt:
...leaving room on the bottom right for adding a small white round as a tail:
Next, to create your bag.  I chose the quick option of no sew and fabric glue, however; you could also sew your pieces together with a running or blanket stitch.
Outline the bottom half of the inside of one head with fabric glue:
...and then close your felt and match up your lines as neatly as possible, but any excess can be trimmed, so don't worry too much about it:
Whilst this dried and to add a little more detail [but entirely optional], I cut two thin strips of
white felt to  mark the ears, fixing in place with more fabric glue:
[don't worry if any glue spills over the edges - it will dry clear]
When tied, if your bunny ears are not long enough for your liking - likely if you have decorated a full bunny face or have a generous number of eggs to put inside, you can adapt your template:
Once constructed, leave your bunny bags to fully dry:
...and then they are ready to be filled and the ears tied to create your bag:

[nail varnish Easter Eggs here and lollipop pallet tray here]
see you next time x

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