Monday 16 March 2015

How to Make Nail Varnish Eggs

Two completely different decorating effects achieved with the same product [and one of my favourite] - nail varnish.  I tried a decorative plastic egg makeover last year [glitter involved, of course] but wanted to try some other effects, in particular marbling, which is finding its way into everything at the moment.

What I Used:
Plastic Decorative Eggs [£1 in the sale now!]
Nail Varnish
Pin / Bowl / Water / Blu-tac

 For both the decorations, I used pins to help me prevent nail varnish getting
 all over my surfaces, hands and soft furnishings, piercing one end:
 To create the marble effect, I decided to do the opposite of my usual approach to DIYs and
not attempt to many effects and colours at once and start simply [maybe trying this again with
a few more colours now I feel I know what to do].  I picked my favourite shade of nail varnish
 and added a few drops to a half-full bowl of water.
The nail varnish creates a thin film that sits on the top of the water:
 Taking one of the eggs, I plunged this in to the water, turning the egg to wrap the
nail varnish around the plastic:
 Stand the pin in a small pinch of blu-tac to dry:
 I tried the technique a further couple of times, each time creating a slightly different effect:
 Once completely dry, you can further create a smooth effect to the nail varnish with a coating of clear varnish or spray craft varnish.
For the second effect [and after a complete change of the light], I tried a feather pattern.
It's a really simple technique, applying short strokes of colour around the egg.  It doesn't require
 any structure or particular pattern and the more random your strokes, the better.  Stand your pins
in blu-tac to help keep the eggs steady.  With my first colour choice, I completed a full cover:
...before moving to the next:

...and then continuing this with more colours, just in time for the sun to come out and help
 quicken the drying time:
...and those are two quick and easy nail varnish decorating techniques you could use for your
Easter decorating this year [or any small upcycle/decorating project]:
see you next time x

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...and if you are a nail varnish craft convert? Try this too!

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