Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Make a Hammered Fimo Bowl

I love a jewellery display dish and I love a bit of gold [you probably haven't noticed].
I had an experiment with Fimo and create a two colour dish last year and was keen to try it out
 again, learning from my shaping mistakes and wanting to put them right!

What I Used:Gold tone Fimo
Rolling Pin / Cookie Cutter
Bowl / Paintbrush / Baking Paper

For my ring dishes, I divided the Fimo into 2 and rolled the modelling clay on top of baking paper [this prevents it sticking to the surface you are working on and makes it easier to move about and work with] into a round, approximately 1/2cm thick:
To create the hammered effects I wanted to achieve with the dishes, I tried two effects
[both using the end of a paintbrush, but any tool, with any shape, that will leave an impression in your Fimo will work]:

The first effect was completely random, an all-covering punch of the paintbrush over the Fimo [perfect stress-buster]:
To create the dish, I then used a cookie cutter and removed the excess:
The second effect was more structured and uniform in design, punching the Fimo with the
paintbrush so that the circles were impressed in lines:
Once both dishes were cut, I transferred them from the baking paper into a bowl to mould them easily and provide a shallow curve to their shape
[this is where the baking paper helps to transfer without them sticking]:
After both dishes were shaped, I transferred them on to a bking tray and popped them in the over at 160 for 20 minutes [or until hardened]:
If you find your Fimo looses shape at all during the bake, remove from the oven and place straight back in to the bowl you used to shape your dishes with - gently press against the sides and you will find it will bend back into shape whilst still hot [be careful!]

Leave your dishes to cool fully before using to display your prettiest jewellery and trinkets:
see you next time x

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