Monday 21 December 2015

DIY Christmas // Easy Meringue Puddings

 It's time for the annual - turn everything in to a Christmas Pudding post!

Two years, I made a slightly different version of these from scratch:
but as we are now on the home straight, you may be after something a little more last-minute [pre-made], can pull together with little time [they make great party food or gifts] or maybe use as an activity to keep kids [young and old] busy for a little while.

I used a £1 tub of Sainsburys meringues as my base and using a sieve,
sprinkled the tops with cocoa powder, to cover evenly:

Next, with some melted white chocolate, I used a small spoon to create the tops:
 Leave to set and then create holly and berry tops with red and green icing pens:

 Enjoy! Either serve straight away, or store in an air tight container.
see you tomorrow for Part 2 x


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