Wednesday 9 December 2015

DIY Christmas // Personalised Monogram Baubles

This post originally started as a feather and sequin fill-you-own-bauble post, but once I had finished them, I couldn't help but feel something was missing.  I should have known it was glitter.

There are a huge range of fill-your-own-baubles now: huge round ones that are perfect for small presents, chocolates and mini figures, photo baubles and even plain glass baubles can have the tops removed to fill them with your own decorations and patterns.  I found these slim baubles from Wilko for a .  The feathers are from Hobbycraft as are the sequins.  These are budget-freindly and if next year, you fnacy changing your decoration scheme, you can pretty easily.

Really, this DIY requires no in-depth instructions - you just need to fill your baubles with your chosen items - so I'll let the photos take over and we'll pick it back up for the monogram hangings in a bit:
You might find the feathers a bot of a struggle - I'd recommend adding the sequins first, to one half of the bauble, then attach the second half at the bottom.  With the top opened as little as you can, add the feather and don't worry to much if little sections get caught in the join when closed - these can be trimmed or pulled away to neaten up.  The smaller the feather, the easier this will all be!
I attached the bow hanging in exactly the same way as this throwback post.
The baubles look beautiful as they are, but for me, not enough glitter!

The monogram hangings are made in a very similar way to the monogram tags I made earlier this year.
I chose a free-hand font, but you can use a computer print as a template.  Draw this on to the non-patterned side of your card and then fold your card so that the printed sides are facing and your letter is on the outside.  Now cut around your outlines to create two pieces.

Glue the outsides and then fix together so that the pattern sides are now on the outside and trim any edges that might be misaligned to neaten the letter.
[this just makes the finish neater if your letter turns whilst hanging]

Once completely dry, thread the top of the letter with a colour of your choice and sit the letter
 in the centre of your bauble with the thread in line with the bauble opening.  

Close the bauble and tie the thread securely through the hanging and trim.
Add your bow and this makes a beautiful bauble or even a present tag.

Have you ever given fill-your-own-baubles a try?  What did you use?
see you next time x

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