Tuesday 29 December 2015

DIY Celebrations | Glitter Jelly Flutes

 Did you know glitter jelly exists?  What have we been doing without it?
With NYE just around the corner, here is a quick and easy DIY treat, whether you are throwing
 a party or having a night in, to see 2016 in with a bit of sparkle.

I picked up all of the items from the supermarket, making this DIY cheap, cheerful and easy to pick up last minute.

To start, add a little decoration to your flutes.  Make a sugar water to dip the glass in and then immediately dip in to some sprinkles [I found my set from Sainsburys]:
[lightly place the glass in to the sprinkles to ensure they decorate the top - if you press in to the sprinkles, you'll end up with a pretty decoration, just lower down the glass!]

Pop in the freezer to ensure the sugar and sprinkles set for a couple of minutes.
Once set, add your fruit to the bottoms of each flute:

Now mix up your jelly:

Add enough jelly to the bottom of each flute to cover the fruit and pop this is in the fridge to set completely...
[this will prevent the fruit from floating to the top]

 ...before topping up with the remainder of the jelly and putting back in the fridge for a few hours to set:

Once completely set, they are ready to serve:

Add more fruit to the top, cream and sprinkles - or all three to decorate as you prefer.
Here's to a Happy 2016.
see you on the other side x

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