Sunday 20 December 2015

DIY Hamper Gifts // The Present Guide for Crafters

It's Sunday, 20th December. 4 days to go! 4 days to go!

This will either make you feel a sense of overwhelming achievement at how organised you are and how you can spend your free-time watching Christmas films and enjoying the lead up to the big day, or bring on a huge panic as you frantically work out the number of presents vs. the shopping time you have left.  If you are finding it difficult to buy for the crafter in your life, I have the ultimate DIY present that they will love!

One of my favourite gifts to make is a hamper - it can be personalised and made to suit any budget.
So, if there is a maker or crafter in your life, here's the TTSM last minute gift guide for Christmas 2015 [or any gift-giving time to be honest!].

My suggestions all start with the same base:
wicker hamper basket // snacks [every maker needs some to keep them company!] // tissue paper base

Next, add a selection of items so they can get their craft on.

The General Crafter
Glue Gun // Sharpie Set // Scissors // Washi Tape

Glue Gun: my BFF and so, so useful for so many projects. [also, it's glitter.  I need this] 
Sharpie Set: you cannot go wrong - they mark almost everything and this set includes any colours you could possibly need.  They are also just weirdly nice to look at [just me?]
Scissors: paper, fabric, tape or string - these will see you through any crafting or DIY project.
Washi tape: or any decorative tape [there are plenty of options]

The Paper Crafter / Scrapbooker
Cutting Mat // Papers // Stickers // Glitter Pack // Craft Knife

Cutting Mat: essential. Unless you're happy to sacrifice all work surfaces and possibly your carpet. [not speaking from experience].
Paper Selection: for scrapbooking, card-making, decorations or origami - you'll never go wrong with a paper selection of different colours and patterns.
Stickers: impossible to have too many. [again, an infinite choice of style, colour and size available].
Glitter card stock: staple. I presume the crafter has much already.
Craft Knife: for paper cutting, precision and those tricky projects - a craft knife is a paper crafters best friend.

The Sewing Bee / Knitter
Scissors // Pom Pom Maker // Felt // Case // Pins

Scissors: unlike the general/paper crafter - these are the real deal.  You'll wonder what you did without them.
Pom Pom Maker: there is nothing that a pompom won't improve.
Felt Selection: my favourite and most versatile material - a huge range of colours and patterns, easy to work with and can be used to make a huge and wide range of projects.
Needle Case: whether a knitter, crochet master, embroidery wiz or sewing bee, store pins, needles, threaders and other bits and pieces securely and neatly.   Chances are,  the crafter has all these things, just not necessarily in the same this will help them out [again, not speaking from experience.....]
Pins: like bobby pins/hair grips - you can never have too many.  They just disappear.

The Jewellery Maker
Pliers // Beads // Sequins // Cord // Storage

Pliers Set: whether new or a seasoned jewellery maker, this set has all the tools needed to make any accessory without cramping your hand.
Beads and sequins: I feel that this is one item you can never have too much of.  You also can have a huge stash and they don't break the bank.  I'm sure you can guess how I feel about sequins.
Cord: whether using to create bracelets, necklaces or using as a tie, tassel or DIY unrelated to jewellery - cord is a jewellery making staple.
Storage: I store my craft items like beauty bloggers store their makeup. Use jars to display your beads, sequins, buttons, threads and more.

The Try Something New Set
Why not inspire your crafting friend to try something new in 2016?

So there you have it, I hope it may have given you some ideas, or maybe given you a list for the January sales?  I've organised these in to my own categories - but mix and match, give and take a bit of this and that [best thing about crafting - you can have a go at so many different types] - whoever receives any kind of hamper like these is one lucky crafter.

see you next time x

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