Monday, 7 December 2015

DIY Decor // Frappuccino Coffee Cup Decorations

It's been a while [too long!] since glitter featured on the blog, so I'm making up for this with
the ultimate  duo - glitter and coffee!  It's my opinion that you can never have too much of either.

Let's take them both and make Christmas decorations.
[This DIY is also on my YouTube channel - pop over and have a watch!
I'd love to know what you think]

The cup is made from a set of Wilko plastic shot glasses, the cream from Deco Bling air dry modelling clay and the finishing touch of a straw, Hobbycraft cake pop straws.

To start, create your cups.  These can be branded or you could create your own logo to stick to the inside - but if you want this added detail, print and cut out your logo and use pva glue to stick it to the inside first.  Coat the entire inside of your plastic shot glass with pva glue - ensure that an even thin layer is applied [you don't want the glue to run or clump whilst drying later].  Add your loose glitter a small section at a time and cover the top to shake it around the inside to coat the glass:

 Once fully coated, leave to dry overnight - the dull appearance of the glitter from the outside will transform in to bright glitter flakes:

The whipped cream topping can be created from modelling clay - that either bakes in 30 minutes, or that you can leave overnight/48 hours to dry.  I chose 'Deco Bling' which is an air dry clay and has the appearance of an icing/whipped cream when used.  To make the 'cream' more realistic, I also used a star nozzle, which I taped to the end:
Using the top of the glass to draw around and use as a guide on to paper, I began my swirls - starting from the outside, working round and pulling up to the middle:

Practice definitely makes perfect with this - you can modify your 'Deco Bling' bag to add back any that don't work out by simply cutting across the top of the bag and scooping the clay back in to be used almost like a piping bag.

Once you are happy with your swirls, cut up your cake pop stick and add as straw embellishments:
make sure they push through to the bottom - as this straw will become the hanging for your decoration.

Leave the clay to dry [I started this on a Tuesday and came back to it on a Saturday - but 48 hours should do it - other clays will vary, so make sure you follow the directions and touch to test that the clay is ready to be used before the next steps].  Once dry, peel away from the paper and remove the paper covering the cake pop straw.

With the thread of your choice, use a needle to create a loop hanging - going from the bottom of the straw, through to the top and then back through.  Pull the loop to the size required and then secure the thread at the bottom with a knot and little glue:

Now, the whole thing needs to be put together with my BFF glue gun!  Add a little hot glue around the outside of the 'cream' swirl and fix to the top of the glass, holding in place until set.
You're coffee frappuccino decoration is complete!

Make more colours, add painted syrup toppings or sprinkles - get creative and give your Christmas decor a big dose of caffeine this year:

It's a bit of fun - and if you can't stand to put these away after Christmas, you can use them as present tags or home decor...
...and the more colours the better!

see you next time x

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