Tuesday, 29 December 2015

DIY Celebrations | Sparkler Place Cards

 Another quick and easy DIY for NYE in the form of decorations, place names, last-minute invitations or favours: sparkler cards.

I picked these sparklers up from Sainsburys and used left over scrap glitter tape and white card to complete this project - any card or decorative paper will work for this easy DIY.

Using either scissors or a craft knife [more preferable as it's neater and quicker (!)] create a strip to secure the sparkler in place by cutting two lines of equal length with a gap of at least 1cm:
[the top line is created by the scissors and the bottom by a craft knife, which you can see is much cleaner, but either method works!]

Add your sparkler and then the card is ready to decorate.  
I added a gold tape bottom and made the card slightly narrower:

You can add calligraphy [real or fake] decoration, personalise with your guests names or use decorative paper to do the job for you.
Although for NYE, this is a great favour for any party or occasion and can be personalised 
to suit any theme or style.

Happy 2016! x

[glitter jelly to see the New Year in? I have you covered].

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