Saturday, 16 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Festive Gift Box

This idea is perfect for dressing up a token gift, whether for the host of a party, a colleague for Secret Santa or for presenting a small gift.


Gift Box | Eucalyptus | Ribbon | Felt | Wadding | Floral Foam
Gypsophila | White Beads | Frosted Pinecones from Poundland


I have posted a very similar DIY in creating a flower gift box, but thought I'd add a few festive touches to the idea for Christmas.
Start with your gift box - and split this in half with a floral foam base one side, and the section for your gift the other.  As my gifts are quite small, I created a cardboard ledge to hold the gifts higher and more in line with the top of the gift box and covered this in white felt as the base [you'll see why later].

As with the mantle garland and star wreath, the base is gypsophila:
...the main component is the eucalyptus:
...and the decorative flowers are hydrangeas:
Finally, the detail came in the form of white berries:
Back to the section that hols the gifts, I cut a section of wadding, slightly bigger than the section and tucked this in loosely to provide a snowy base:
Add your gifts [use sticky glue dots to help hold them in place if needed]
...tie your box with gold ribbon and your small presents look pretty amazing:
To make the box a little more festive, I then added a few extra details before gifting - all left overs from previous DIYs - frosted pinecones and small baubles:
You can create this festive gift box with some many personalised touches and they transform presents!


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