Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Pudding Teacakes

Any excuse.  Any.

Hello and welcome to this season's teacake post ;) - Christmas Puddings.  So easy, but quite cute.
Here's a really quick and simple How To.
If you are as much of a fan of the teacake as me, do go and see Gillian Kyle's teacake [and caramel wafer] creations! My Christmas wishlist is filling up with items from this range: 

What You Need:
White Chocolate
Red / Green Writing Icing

Melt your white chocolate and using a small teaspoon, start at the top of the teacake and allow the chocolate to cover the top.  To get the icing effect, take the side of the spoon and drag the chocolate down the sides, continuing in sections around the teacake:

Allow the chocolate to set [pop in the fridge if you are short of time] before decorating:
With a green icing pen, draw holly leaves on the top [have a practice on parchment paper or on a chopping board if you are a little unsure of the pen or nervous!]:
...and finish with a red icing pen to create the holly berries:
Leave to set and then enjoy!
Not enough Christmas Teacake crazy for you?  Step right up.
Want more Christmas treat ideas, including Pudding marshmallow pops, meringues, candy cane bark and more?  Come this way.

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