Friday, 30 November 2012

Monogram Stocking Bag

Simple Personalised Stocking [with plenty of room for lots of little presents]
Following on from yesterdays Present Sack post, I have a simple Christmas Stocking How To today.

What I Used:
Pink Felt Fabric
Cotton [Michael Miller] Fabric
Embroidery Floss
Sewing Machine
Pin / Ruler / Needle / Thread / Scissors

As with the present bag, the size of your stocking will depend on the fabric you have available and the size of the presents you would like to put inside it!  I drew my stocking free-hand on to a folded piece of pink and red felt fabric.  The stocking was around 30cm x 60cm and I cut each stocking [resulting in two radio-active pink stocking pieces and two red stocking pieces]:
To line the inside of the stocking red, I sandwiched the two pink pieces with one red piece on top and one on bottom, fixing in place with pins to machine sew around the sides, leaving the top open:

Once stitched together, I neatened the seam edges with zig-zag shears:
Turn your stocking the right side out, and it is now ready to embellish:
To match the present bag, I wanted to add a trim to the top of the stocking with the same fabric used as the bag lining and also add a monogrammed pocket to the front.  Cut the length of fabric around 2cm longer than the circumference of the top of the stocking:
I ironed the edges to neaten and then folded the fabric over the top of the stocking and pinned in place:
Machine stitch around the top and bottom to secure the trim.  To keep the trim as neat as possible, I lined the start of the fabric with the side seam of the stocking and stitched around, finishing by folding the end to match the seam and securing in place:
I then stitched in place a monogrammed pocket, using the same techniques as the present sack:
...and finish.
Fill with presents...

...ready to send to special girls to open soon x
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I hope you have the yummiest calendar door to open tomorrow - I am so excited for December - thank you so much for visiting the blog this week - I'll see you next week with decorations for the home and the tree!

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