Tuesday 20 November 2012

How to Make a Pom Pom Garland

I had to do something with all those pom poms!

Hello! Happy Tuesday - how are you? I have succumbed to the cold I have been fighting for the last few weeks, so getting to my computer is difficult, but I hope I wont be too absent this week, mainly because I wanted to start all my Christmas prep - 5 weeks people, 5 weeks!

Today I post a very, very simple decoration idea using last weeks woollen pom poms to add a bit of cosy to your home. 
 I made a variety of pom poms in muted colours so that when we decorate at Christmas, they can still hang about without clashing or looking out of place.  All you need is a needle and thread/wool the length of the garland that you want to make:
 Simply thread through the centre of each pom pom and place on the thread/wool in the position 
you want it to sit [as the tie made when securing the pom pom was so tight, you wont need to knot 
the pom pom and it will stay in place easily] :
 Continue threading all your pom poms until you have them spaced and in the sequence you want along the length of thread/wool chosen:
...and then hang!  I chose to make small garlands of 7 pom poms to hang on the back of the chairs 
in our dining room - I usually tie bows on the chair backs, but decided on the pom poms this year 
and will add a few Christmas details to them nearer the time.   I made loops either end of the wool 
and fixed to each chair corner, so they can be taken off easily if we want.
These would also be perfect for hanging on the mantle, or longer garlands to wrap around the tree, or with pegs to hold cards nearer Christmas - I think I could find spaces all over the house to start hanging these - perhaps a woollen pom pom bannister garland will use them all up!?

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