Thursday 15 November 2012

Sequin & Bead Letters, Numbers and Shapes

I see your Easy Beading and I raise you Easy Sequins and Beads!
What You Need:
Sequins / Beads
Beading [Very Thin] Needle
Thread / Scissors

I have a final technique tutorial for the season which is a variation of the Easy Beading post earlier this week, incorporating sequins.  

You can use any shape, letter or number as your base and any type of fabric would work for this.
I love felt - I find it sturdy, versatile and really easy to work with in just about any colour I like, so I use that as my base and cut my shapes/letters and numbers [from this post].

The technique is exactly the same as beading: start your stitch and thread a sequin on to the thread:

Then thread on your bead, taking your stitch back through the middle of the sequin:
The looped bead will hold the sequin in place:

Voila.  I'm using my sequin and beads to fill my cut letters for two projects I will hopefully be able
to share in the next few weeks.  This decoration does take time, so if you are short of it, you could 
just decorate the lines of your shape, letter or number -  it's incredibly addictive and transforms.

If you don't want to sew each sequin/bead in place - you can use strong craft or fabric glue to hold it all together and achieve the same look.  My final tip if you are short for time, is to buy sequin trimmings [usually elasticated, so you can sew in place the space you want between the sequins] and add a few beads when you fix in place for the same look - Perfect for CHRISTMAS sparkle!

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