Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How to Embroider Handwriting

Hello! Today, easy handwriting embroidery in any style using a simple tip!
What You Need:
Paper print out/copy of your chosen phrase/words/picture
Embroidery Floss

This project follows on from the easy stencil post from last week - and uses printed letters, numbers, pictures and shapes as templates and guides for sewing over - a really simple way to get a really neat and professional finish in a range of projects including embroidery.  Today, I am posting about creating handwriting / writing style embroidery.

As my favourite time of year is really starting, I chose a phrase to reflect this and typed it in a font that I liked the design of and printed to the size I wanted [you could also free-hand]:
 With a little glue at the edges, I fixed the print out, placed where I wanted the writing on my fabric:
 With some gold embroidery floss, using a backstitch, I sewed over the writing, following the design:
[make sure your stitches are pulled taught, but not too tight that they bunch the fabric]
 If you are al little unsure of how the result with be, or just impatient like me, you can check the embroidery finish by carefully ripping the paper around the stitches:
Then, if you are happy, continue sewing over the paper template until complete....
 ...and then continue to rip the paper template away
[if the paper is hard to remove in any areas, I find tweezers help pull it away without pulling the thread]
 and eventually, you will be left with neat, handwriting style, embroidery:
This is such a simple technique to follow and can be used for so many different projects - I hope you find it just as easy as I do - let me know if it does!

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