Thursday 29 November 2012

Monogram Present Bag

Pink + artificial lighting = fluorescent pink glow post.
Pink, Pink, Pink Present Bag - the everlasting wrapping paper!

What I Used:
Pink Felt Fabric
Cotton [Michael Miller] Fabric
Embroidery Floss
Sewing Machine
Pin / Ruler / Needle / Thread / Scissors

I have two very special girls to send presents to this year and for one, I made this monogram present bag [hence the colour and decoration choices!] - the other [a stocking] will be posted tomorrow as I have a few finishing touches to make, but if you have someone special you are sending presents to this year, maybe this would be something you'd like to try to wrap them up in.  I lined my bag and added a monogram pocket to the front - but if you are short of time, there are steps that can be missed and shortcuts, so I'll note these as we go along in a pink glowing haze:

 The size of the fabric you need completely depends on the size of the presents you are sending, or the fabric you have available to you.  Through a combination of both, I cut two pieces of fabric around 35cm x 60cm [I wanted to tie my bag shut at the top, so the height needed to be longer.
With the outsides of the two pieces of fabric facing eachother, sew around three sides of the bag, starting at one side, to the bottom and back along the other side, leaving the top open. I used a sewing machine, but you could also hand-sew this with a tight running back stitch or blanket stitch to ensure that the sides are secure.
Now, depending on the present bag you want to create - you could finish here and neaten the seams and move on to embellishment.

Creating the Box-Bottom:
The next photos illustrate how to turn your bag into a standing box bottom bag. Turn your fabric the right side out.Using a ruler as a guide, I marked approximately 5cm in from each side with pins at the bottom seam of the bag:

You want to create an inverted triangle in each corner of the bottom seam.  Use your pin as a guide of where to start and pull your corner in from the inside of the bag if it helps:
Once you have created your inverted triangles at either side, sit you bag up - join the top of the
triangle on the side seam, with the bottom seam.  This will see the bottom of the bag lie flat,
and the side will join it.  Match the seams:
This is what it will look like on the inside [To keep in place, pin either side of the inside bottom seam]:
The next stage depends on your preference.  You can hand or machine stitch the inverted triangle in place along the bottom seam and this will keep it secure and any stitches hidden.
However; I am sending this bag to a little girl, half-way across the world, so wanted to keep it as secure and structured as possible, so opted to machine stitch the inverted triangle in place.  I did this by turning the bag inside out and stitching across the bottom seam [the bottom of the triangle created]:
Turn the bag right side out.  The outside bottom of the bag will now look like this - neaten your threads by stitching to the inside of the bag and trimming:

Standing the bag up - the box bottom will now allow it to stand on its own, up right:

Adding a Lining:
To hid the inside stitching and seams, I wanted to add a lining.  This is very simple to do, but neatens the finish and will make the bag much more hard wearing.  Cut two pieces of fabric to the same size as your bag and with the outsides of the two pieces of fabric facing eachother, sew the three sides, leaving the top open.  Still inside out, place the lining inside the bag.
Fold the top of the bag fabric inside to create a neat and straight seam. Fold the top of the lining fabric outside to create a neat and straight seam and match the tops together [I lined my lining top a little below the bag to neaten], pinning in place.
Either with a machine or hand stitch, attach the tops of the bag and lining together:

To neaten the stitching, thread the loose ends back into the fabric and trim:

Again, you could leave your lovely lined bag here, or continue to add embellishment:

Sequin and Bead Monogram Pocket: 
I posted about sequin and bead letters/numbers and shapes and I used the technique to create my monogram pockets and main detail of the bag.  Cutting a square of white felt, I attached my sequin letter to the centre using fabric glue [you could also stitch in place if you wanted]:
To fix my pocket in place, I decided to add further decoration by using a blanket stitch:
Blanket stitches are also brilliant for neatening raw edges and are really simple to do.
To start, knot your embroidery floss and pull through the top piece of fabric.  Now make a stitch into the second piece of fabric, threading back through the two pieces of fabric you want to attach:
...before pulling taut, take your needle through the loop created and pull:
Which creates a secure stitch to begin the process again.
With your needle, approximately 0.5cm along the fabric, thread through the two pieces [from the bottom piece through to the top piece of fabric] and as you pull the stitch, thread your needle through the loop and pull taut...continue along the three sides of the pocket [both sides and bottom] and once you reach the top, just blanket stitch the pocket fabric piece to keep an opening [unless you don't want to have a pocket and instead keep as an embellishment, in which case - continue!]:
...and you are finished!  A fully lined present bag with a monogram pocket front.  I filled the bag with a few presents and tied a pretty heart ribbon around the top to keep them safe until Christmas morning:

If you have managed to follow these terrible instructions, you win 100 points as I am not at all convinced they make sense!  If you want to have a go and I need to clarify anything, do email me! []

I'm really pleased with the outcome, and I hope my little monkey will like it just as much when she opens it in a few weeks. The bag is also perfect for keeping her presents tidy, so should get use all through the year, as well as looking pretty.


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