Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Star and Tree Decorations

Free Download to Make Your Own
I'm posting a really simple and quick to make 'how to' today.  As we get closer and closer to work and school term finishing for the year, nobody wants difficult or particularly time consuming projects to be started [I know the chances of me finishing them would be.....zero], so if you fancy creating some of these yourself, or with little ones, this is a perfect 'quick make'.

What You Need:
Printed Template [on to card / paper]
[...and glitter glue, of course, if you are me]

Christmas Trees:

[right click on the image above, save to your computer to print]

Print your template on to either card or paper.  As the templates only have one side printed and therefore only colour on one side of the tree/star, I printed two copies, so that I could glue them 
together and have double sided [as well as double thickness for stability] colour.  To add a little variation and extra decoration [and maybe also because no-one can separate me and my glitter 
glue pens] covered one copy with glitter:
Cut out the trees and if you have two copies, glue each back and stick together so that the printed colour sides are facing out.  Then, using the guidelines, cut each tree along the dotted lines: one 
from the top to centre and one from the bottom to centre:
Fit the trees together by slotting the top and bottom together and stand your trees..
..ta-da.  I'm going to use mine as little place holders [a small card which will slot perfectly at the top], but these are cute decorations to have around the home and you could also attach thread at the top to hang on the tree.

I wont repeat the instructions [they really are that easy, but here are some photos to show a similar effect with the below star template [minus the glitter, you might be pleased to know!]
[right click on the image above, save to your computer to print]

As always, if you have a go, I'd love to see the results [thethingsshemakes@yahoo.co.uk]
Have a great day!

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