Thursday, 13 December 2012


Not as crazy [or difficult] as you might think!

Crackers are synonymous with Christmas.  I dont know if it's just me, but crackers are.........a little bit rubbish.  Actually, they are really rubbish [which is part of the fun] unless you would like to offer me one of these? No?

You may have never been inclined to make your own crackers, but I bought this Make Your Own pack at Christmas last year in the sale at Hobbycraft after having done the same the year before.  You can fill them with your own gifts, tailoring them to your family/friends and be as personal as you want with the choices.  So, this is a quick 'How To', if you have been considering buying a pack yourself, and also a review, as you may want to snap some up in the sale for next Christmas!

What I Used:
Hobbycraft Make Your Own Crackers Kit [this year, these are on sale online - cute!]
Wrapping / Decorative Paper
Small Gift / Sweets
Scissors / Cellotape

The pack contains 6 cracker templates, hats, jokes and cracker snaps:
 and a handy step-by-step guide on the back.
The design is fairly classic, in silver with a white snowflake pattern:
 The templates are pre-cut to make the assembly as easy as possible:
 Once the pieces have been removed around each side, you simply roll the template lengthways and insert each tab [one in the middle and one either side] into the pre-cut slots:
With the cracker body assembled, you place the cracker snap inside, with each end placed in 
line with the sides of the cracker:
 Lastly, holding the cracker in the middle, gently twist one end to secure in place:
 This will also secure the cracker snap:
Now, you can fill the inside with the joke [or write your own], hat and gift.  Last year, nail polish went
down very well with the girls [and are the perfect size] or chocolate was just as welcome.  You can be as personal with the gifts as you want, which is part of the reason why I like to make my own crackers, as they are an extension of the presents I give my family - [you can also stitch some family members up - for me, this is Dad and Brother - by filling theirs with dummy gifts, or - none at all]:
 Once you have filled the cracker middle with your chosen gift, twist the other side to secure:
...and your cracker is complete!  You could further embellish the cracker, add decoration and tie bows/ribbon to the sides if you wanted.
I decided to cover my crackers with this wrapping paper, which I bought from Sainsburys:
 I cut the paper slightly wider and longer than the cracker to ensure it would cover it completely.
To start, I secured the paper in place with glue/cellotape in the middle of the cracker and then
wrapped the paper around and fixed in place again at the join with glue/cellotape:
 Next, I gently tied a ribbon around the already created sides, tying a knot and neatening the ends:
..and finished!  Simple and pretty.

You can create a cracker that fits in with your style, decor, personalise them or even get children involved in the decoration - it really is that simple.  If you find a Make Your Own pack and want to have a go, do it - it's much easier than you may think [and the insides you choose will definitely be better than what you'll find in the supermarkets!]

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