Tuesday 4 December 2012

Decorating the Baubles

The return of the Glitter Glue Pens.

What I Used:
Old / Plain Baubles
Glitter Glue Pen

I feel so sorry for these baubles.  They always get put to the side as 'baubles for the back of the tree' and 'baubles to fill in the gaps where the tree looks bare'.  This is how much I care for them:
 Plastic Bag.  Sad.
So, I decided to do something about them and use it all as an elaborate excuse to get the glitter glue out [again].
I have some horrible, scratched and tired [cheap] plastic teardrop decorations and matte red and green baubles [really cheap] - close up?

I didn't use any stencils, or mark the baubles with pencil/pen first - I just set straight to drawing my designs with the glue - but if you don't want to be so haphazard - mark yourself a template or guide.
I created a glitter covering [similar to my pumpkins], lined, polka spot and swirl designs on the baubles in different colours.
Once I'd finished and was happy with my design, I hung the decorations on the bottom of the tree that is in our dining room, lined the floor beneath it with newspaper and left them to dry overnight:
[I was so scared of the outcome of this one, I didn't take a photo, so above is the first stage of decoration]
I'll admit, I was feeling a little worried about the final outcome at this stage, a bit 3D and I couldn't be completely certain that the areas I had covered didn't have gaps or more sparse areas...

...but, looking again in the morning, they now look like this!  Much better and more how I imagined.

I've decorated a few more, which now I have the practice, are a little more adventurous and I will update the post once they are dried - if you have some sad baubles as well - have a go, it's much easier than you may think

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