Thursday 6 December 2012

Sequin & Bead Bow Decoration Hangings

P.S - When did decorations stop being sold with string / tree hangers?
I posted about how I redecorated my plain decorations and baubles with my BFF glitter glue and today I am posting about a new hanging I have made for a few of the decorations this year.  Perfect for decorations you want to add a bit of pretty to.

What I Used:
Satin Ribbon
Beads / Sequins
Bead Needle / Thread / Scissors

I usually like to hang my decorations on invisible thread or thin wire to hide, however; inspired by the gorgeous bow decorations Fortnum & Masons had in their store this year, I've made a few hangings using this (bow) and this (sequin & bead) technique.

If you have a decoration with a hanging loop that is large enough to thread ribbon through, simply thread both ends of your ribbon through the hanging loop:

leaving enough ribbon to use to hang from the tree:

 to secure, tie a knot:
then create your bow:
cut the ends and neaten:

If you want to decorate your bow, you can pull the bow out of the hanging loop, decorate and then thread back through.

However; if your hanging loop is too small to thread through, create your bow:
and then decorate.  When finished, thread a needle and thread this through the hanging loop:
attach to the back of the bow:
and thread the needle back through the hanging loop:
Tie both ends of the thread and your decoration is ready to hang.
I decided to cover my ribbons in sequins and beads, which I chose to sew by hand.  However; if you are short of time, you could glue them in place to get the same effect.

 I think next year, I will cover some bows in sequins and beads - with fairy light, they look gorgeous.
 and now my old and cheap decorations, look like something special - and something I am happy to hang on my tree, rather than use to fill the back or gaps...and something you've probably learnt about me already...I dont think you can ever have too much glitter, sequin or bead decoration!


  1. I love your ideas, really. They're so simple and elegant. Have you thought about selling them in an online shop? Like your own 'already made' collections?

  2. Thank you so, so much. Your comments really mean a lot to me and so lovely of you to say! I would love a online shop one day, but worry I couldn't give it the full attention I would want to at the moment (which would drive me mad) - maybe in the future - thank you so much for saying! x


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