Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hanging Hearts

The last craft project before...well, before it all gets a bit mad.
My favourite thing about hanging hearts is that they are the most simple of templates and methods to make. Depending on the size, decoration and materials used, you can create an infinite variety of them to decorate the house with or give as gifts - perfect for this time of year.

What I Used:
Needle / Thread / Scissors
Wool / Tapestry Thread
Toy Stuffing

[right click on the image to save to your computer to print]

I created two hearts, one small and the other a little larger [the small one is a gift, so excuse the lack of photos after the cutting stage!].  Here's how I made the larger one:

Print and cut out your templates, using them as a guide to cut your hearts from your chosen medium.  You will need two pieces for each heart.
I chose felt, as these hearts are going to be very much for Christmas decoration:
If you are adding any embellishment or design to the hearts, do this before stitching together.  I chose  a simple embroidery 'Joyeux Noel' and used the paper template and this technique as my guide:
You can fix your hearts together using a sewing machine, or by hand - which is my favourite as the basic stitch I have chosen [running] are easy peasy for my designs.  Start your stitch around the top of one of the heart peaks and continue until you are at the same point, on the opposite side - keep your thread and needle attached:
If you want a little padding or filling in our heart, you can do this now - I used a little toy stuffing [which I bought from my local craft store] but cotton padding or scraps of fabric or wool would also work - if you want a scented heart, you could add dried fruit [depending on size you may need to break this down a little] or lavender.
Once, full, continue your stitching until you complete the heart:
I wanted to hide the hanging, so thread my stitch through the base of the heart, creating a loop large enough to hang and then securing my stitch with a tight knot:
..and it really is as simple as that.
These are perfect, last weekend before Christmas projects to sit in front of a festive movie with and pick up and put down if you are called away - knowing that you can easily finish later.
Thank you so, so much for visiting the blog this week - as always, if you try anything you've seen here, I'd love to hear from you and see how it went [].
I'm having a Christmas bake-fest over the next two days - hopefully I'll have some success to show next week!  Have a fantastic weekend x

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