Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Wrapped Up

I wish...I've only bought two presents.
I remember when someone once told me Martha Stewart had a gift wrapping room.  Mind.  Blown.  I want one.  For me, wrapping a present is 100% more exciting than buying it.  I love wrapping paper, ribbon, string, tags, bows - all of it.  I'm fully aware that I need to get out much, much more.
I love the wrapping of presents - and the floor, whilst watching Elf will do me for now [until Santa brings me this?].  I cant wait for January, when there are quite a few birthdays that mean I can keep it going!

I bought the perfect wrapping paper for me, from Sainsburys, which is in the style of cross stitch:
...and have been using this technique to create some over the top wool and pom-pom ribbons:
...and threaded pearl buttons on to wool for the other:
Pintrest and other blogs have some fantastic tutorials on some amazing wrapping ideas and I have a dedicated board 'It's A Wrap' on Pintrest, if you fancy a peek.

I had a candy cane and sweet treats experiment kitchen afternoon yesterday, the holidays are for me the perfect time to experiment and try out new recipes [lots of people around to test them out!] - so I will post this week in case you want to try some out over the holidays, starting with these:
...yummy candy cane marshmallow - see you tomorrow x

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